The Center for X-Ray Optics is a multi-disciplined research group within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) Materials Sciences Division (MSD). Notice to users.

The Center for X-Ray Optics

The Center for X-Ray Optics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory works to further science and technology using short wavelength optical systems and techniques. We create and operate advanced experimental systems to address national needs, support research in material, life, and environmental science, and extend the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing.

"CXRO is a one-of-a-kind facility with over 25 years of experience providing short wavelength optical solutions. From instrument development to scientific discovery, our vertically integrated structure allows us to tackle a full spectrum of research."

Patrick Naulleau
CXRO Director

Photo of Patrick Naulleau, CXRO Staff Scientist

CXRO launches a website dedicated to Fresnel zone plate theory, design, tolerancing, fabrication, and applications.

CXRO's new website,, provides a full spectrum of information related to the theory, design, tolerancing, and fabrication of Fresnel zone plates. It is separated in to five main areas:

  • Zone plate theory: Fresnel zone plate theory and equations. Learn about zone locations, resolution, bandwidth restrictions, and field of view.
  • Zone plate design: An easy-to-use zone plate generator / calculator that creates zone plate GDS files to match the wavelength, imaging conjugates, and constraints that the user provides.
  • Zone plate tolerancing: Learn how fabrication tolerances affect system performance and how to spec zone plates to optimize performance and minimize fabrication complexity.
  • Zone plate fabrication: Learn about fabrication techniques, materials, limitations, and how they impact zone plate performance.
  • Zone plate applications: Learn how zone plates enable and impact science and industry around the world.

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