The Center for X-Ray Optics is a multi-disciplined research group within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) Materials Sciences Division (MSD). Notice to users.

Building the tools that make nanoscience possible.

"We work closely with the scientists to create high-performance experimental systems for every project we execute. From shield wall to end-station, from project planning to commissioning, we do it all."

Senajith (Seno) Rekawa,
Head of Engineering & Project Manager

Photo of Senajith (Seno) Rekawa, CXRO Staff Scientist
A high-precision stage fabricated at the CXRO Instrumnent Fabrication Facility

Custom nano-actuator? No problem.

Nanopositioning, micro-mechanical systems, electro-mechanical devices, computerized electronic motion control systems, ultra high vacuum (UHV) systems, survey and alignment, computer aided design, precision machining, cryogenics, electronics, hardware, software, and more.

Precision machining

The CXRO Instrument Fabrication Facility manufactures precision electro-mechanical assemblies, stages, mounts, UHV vacuum chambers and vacuum equipment, and micro-mechanical systems including monochromators and photoemission spectrometers.

A high-precision stage fabricated at the CXRO Instrumnent Fabrication Facility

Custom electronics.

The CXRO engineering team makes custom electronic instruments for a wide range of applications. These include motion control devices, in-vacuum capacitive displacement sensors, precision current meters, beam exit slits, attenuators, and more.

A custom circuit board developed by CXRO

The Engineering team.

Photo of Arnaud Allezy

Arnaud Allezy

Mechanical Engineer
Photo of Chris Orman

Chris Orman

Lead Technologist
Photo of Senajith Rekawa

Senajith Rekawa

CXRO Deputy for Operations & CXRO Head of Engineering
Photo of Farhad Salmassi

Farhad Salmassi

Principal Engineering Associate
Photo of Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos

Scientific Engineering Associate
Photo of Brandon Vollmer

Brandon Vollmer

Engineering Technical Associate
Photo of Dima Zaytsev

Dima Zaytsev

Mechanical Engineer

The Computer Engineering team.

Photo of Hanjing Huang

Hanjing Huang

Software Developer
Photo of Jeff Gamsby

Jeff Gamsby

Systems Administrator