Material Sciences

X-ray microscopy of mineralized tissues

X-ray microscopy image of dentin sample recorded at l=2.4nm (516.6eV) with a MZP (Drn=40nm)

In comparison transmission electron micrographs of transparent dentin thinned using FIB-milling showing (a) intertubular dentin, (b) a partially filled tubule, (c) a tubule along its long axis partially filled with large mineral crystals, (d) the same sample as (a)-(c) prepared with ultramicrotome instead of FIB. (T= tubule, A= intratubular mineral, B= intertubular mineral) (courtesy J.W. Ager, LBNL (2006))

collaboration with J.W. Ager et al, MSD, LBNL Berkeley CA (2006)

In Situ Studies of the Electromigration in Cu Interconnects

Recent experiments at XM-1 demonstrated that a full-field transmission x-ray microscope, operating at 1.8 keV photon energies, allows detection of passivated interconnects made from Cu or AlCu as well as vias utilizing the high material contrast from different elements in such integrated circuits with a resolution of about 40 nm. The mass flow caused by electromigration in a passivated Cu interconnect was studied in-situ at current densities up to 107 A/cm2.

G. Schneider, M.A. Meyer, G. Denbeaux, et al., Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 20, 3089 (2002)

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